quinta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2010


This'll be the first time I'm actually refering to myself outright.
With that said, I believe an explanation is in order: on who I am.
Who am I?
I'm an egocentric, arrogant, lazy, depressive, anti-social, over-thinking, cold, selfish person.
I stopped there because I didn't feel like thinking of any more adjectives.
Qualities? Right now I can't think of any, but I'm sure they're around somewhere.
Friends? Too little to many. Shouldn't have any.
Girlfriends? Had a "pretend" one a few years ago. In theory I also have one now, even though I shouldn't...
Someone like me shouldn't have friends, or girlfriends, because every single person I meet ends up worse after they meet me. Why? Because of the list of flaws I listed above. Ah yes, I forgot to mention the most important one: I have absolutely no willpower at all.
It's funny, now I keep remembering some more adjectives. One particular one comes to mind: pessimistic. I'm the most pessimistic person I know. Oh silly me, I'm assuming I know myself and other people.
If someone is depressed what do you do? You try to cheer them up. Even if you're the reason for their sadness.
I don't.
I start thinking, "What can I do?" and the only answer I can give to myself is: NOTHING.
By being with me only sadness will come, only boredom, pain, depression. I'm the incarnation of pessimism itself, so stay away if you value your happyness.
Did I mention I was egocentric...

terça-feira, 16 de novembro de 2010


Just another day where everything is the same... Nothing ever changes here.
And yet I can't find it in me to seize the chances the world offers... So if nothing changes ,I'll always be the same... And if I don't change, everything will remain the same.
I happened to find someone almost similar to me: unchanging. However it's still the same, if I don't change then the world won't change with me. But how can I change when all I feel like doing is to incinerate my brain with video games and the Internet?
You tell me.

domingo, 7 de novembro de 2010

Sam & Jack 4

"Well Hale-fuckin'-luia!" Jack says relieved, "You finally did it..."
"Yeah I know!" says Sam excited, "For a while there I thought I wasnt' gonna be able to do it but then we finally kissed!"
Sam hurls his arms in the air, overjoyed.
"Whoa take it easy buddy" says Jack mockingly, "I don't have much to say except congratulations for getting some ass."
"Hey!" Sam says outraged. They both start laughing.

By: Me 07/11/2010

Sam & Jack 3

"You fucking moron", Jack yelled, "You could have kissed her and you just stood there?!"
"I know but I was really nervous. My heart was beating out of my chest..." said Sam with an embarassed look.
"Wha... YOUR HEART?! What are you a fucking sissy?! I can't believe you'd waste such a great chance! You were all alone, she wanted you to do it, AND YOU DIDN'T!!! YOU JUST STOOD THERE!!!!" screams Jack, clearly beside himself.
Jack stops screaming and sits down at the table. After a while he says, "Fucking do it properly next time you wuss."
"I'll try..." says Sam reluctantly.
Jack sighs.

By: Me 04/11/2010

Sam & Jack 2

Sam and Jack are sitting at a rectangular table. Jack seems bored as usual, however Sam seems unusualy excited.
"She said she likes me!" says Sam, "I still can't believe it". Jack rolls his eyes and says, "So she likes you... Just great. Are you gonna be all happy and shit?". "No... I guess not", Sam says sadly. "That's right", Jack says, just think about all the problems now: first you still need to study, which you can't seem to be able to no matter what; and second, what if she does like you? You're probably never gonna make the first move and who knows if she will. You might come out of this worse than you got in"."You're right", Sam says while nodding, "Like usual..."
Jack gets up, moves toward Sam and puts his hand on Sam's shoulder, "Unlike the usual however, I want to help you get the girl", Jack says with a smile on his face, "Besides, I'm tired of being the one you come to when you're all depressive". "But", Sam mumbles. "Shut up and get to work dumbass", Jack shouts.

By: Me Somewhere between 1 and 3

Sam & Jack 1

"You don't deserve it", Jack says. "I know", Sam mumbles, "But I don't know what to say"."Don't say anything, ignore her, she's better off finding someone else to be friends with", Jack says in his spiteful voice. "But then won't she just suffer even more?" Sam asks. "Maybe, but it's a hell of a lot better than being with someone like you", Jack replies coldly, "Look you have 3 options: 1. You change and become the man you think you should be, which we both know is not gonna happen; 2. You stay the way you are and make each other miserable; and 3. You simply back away, slowly, like you always do, so she'll just be sad you stopped talking but deep inside she'll be glad because she knows she's better off". "I just don't know", Sam mumbles.
Jack faces away from Sam and says in his cold, heartless and cruel voice, "Coward".

By: Me 03/11/2010

Girl + Boy

Girl walks up to boy, "I love you", she says. Boy slaps her across the face, "You should know better", he replies. "I know", she mumbles, "But I can't control how I feel... Even with all your flaws, all your sins, I still love you! Do you hate me for it?" she asks. "No", the boy answers, "I pity you for it, Even with all my flaws, all my sins, you are willing to live a life of unhappyness and pain, just to be with me?" he asks. "Yes..." she answers, "Because I can't bear to live without you."
The boy holds the girl in his arms, gently, and with a swift motion breaks her neck, "Better dead than with me" he murmours.
Leo F. Alexander