quinta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2010


This'll be the first time I'm actually refering to myself outright.
With that said, I believe an explanation is in order: on who I am.
Who am I?
I'm an egocentric, arrogant, lazy, depressive, anti-social, over-thinking, cold, selfish person.
I stopped there because I didn't feel like thinking of any more adjectives.
Qualities? Right now I can't think of any, but I'm sure they're around somewhere.
Friends? Too little to many. Shouldn't have any.
Girlfriends? Had a "pretend" one a few years ago. In theory I also have one now, even though I shouldn't...
Someone like me shouldn't have friends, or girlfriends, because every single person I meet ends up worse after they meet me. Why? Because of the list of flaws I listed above. Ah yes, I forgot to mention the most important one: I have absolutely no willpower at all.
It's funny, now I keep remembering some more adjectives. One particular one comes to mind: pessimistic. I'm the most pessimistic person I know. Oh silly me, I'm assuming I know myself and other people.
If someone is depressed what do you do? You try to cheer them up. Even if you're the reason for their sadness.
I don't.
I start thinking, "What can I do?" and the only answer I can give to myself is: NOTHING.
By being with me only sadness will come, only boredom, pain, depression. I'm the incarnation of pessimism itself, so stay away if you value your happyness.
Did I mention I was egocentric...

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